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Lonely it feels,

It does feels so ; LONELY


It feels so lonely ,

When no one resides within you,

And no one resides with you.


It feels so lonely,

When no one thinks with you,

And no one thinks like you


It feels so lonely,

When hours on study are spent by you,

And not on what you are passionate about.


It feels so lonely,

When there are dozens of so called FRIENDS,

And not a single friend.


It feels so lonely,

When everyone knows you,

And no one understands you.


It feels so lonely!

Feels so lonely!

So lonely!



Actually, I am an IIT aspirant, and this is my story of how I feel.

The first paragraph is about how lonely I feel as I am single and live alone in hostel with my family away from me.

The second paragraph: It feels lonely as no one thinks with me or like me. The hostelites with whom a i stay are backward and are not as broad minded as me. A few of them are just geeks and almost all of them have a villager kind of mentality.

Third paragraph: As being an IIT aspirant I have to study subject like Chemistry in which I am not that interested, but I have do that cause I want to become a software engineer which is a field of my interest. I am not so passionate about chemistry but about coding and writing, I can’t do the things I am passionate about due to this IIT stuff.

Fourth Paragraph: I have many people to whom I have to call friends but there are actually very few or can say that I have no actual friends.

The Fifth paragraph: Many people around me know me but no one understands me.

This is a short melancholic part of my life. Indian students have to deal with it, and cant run away from it as many cant afford the education cost abroad, Even I wish to study abroad and I think that I’ll get myself an admission in a nice university abroad but I wont be able to study there ’cause the education abroad is very costly. ūüė¶


Three day challenge:Day 3

Three day challenge:Day 3

I’ll like to thank thequietgirlblogger for inviting me to the thrill of this challenge. Its the last day and I enjoyed it a lot.

As my previous quotes this one is also from Game of Thrones. It’s by Tyrion Lannister, the most famous dwarf of the fictious world of Westeros, Essos and Bravos. 

“Once you’ve accepted your flaws, No one can use them against you”.    -Tyrion Lannister

Here, we learn that we should not show our back to our flaws and instead of running from them we should face them bravely.

So as the rules say

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Quote Challenge:Day 2

Quote Challenge:Day 2

I’ll like to thank thequietgirlblogger for inviting me to this challenge.

I’ll quote from Game of Thrones,

Money buys a man’s silence for a time

But a bolt in the heart buys it forever.

-Petyr Baelish(little Finger)

This is said by the most evil potent character of the series.

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Three day challenge:Day 1

Three day challenge:Day 1

First of all I’ll like to thank thequietgirlblogger for nominatinating me to this challenge. Thanks Madhavi Singh

As I am a Game of Thrones fan and the ongoing season 6 is on heat, I’ll like to quote from it.

“Everyone of us is poor and powerless yet we can overthrow an empire”. -The high Septon

The dialogue by High Septon portrays that unity can achieve great heights. However, I personally don’t like the character of high Septon but his Quote is really good.

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The Power of my love

The Power of my love

The power of my love for you is eternal,

The power of my love for you is supreme.

No petty things like religion could stop our union,

Nor the laws of house could stand a barrier to it,

As to love is not a crime and wooing is not defying a law.

The power of my love for you is mightiest,

It can make the Kings and Gods feel powerless,

It can make the wealthy feel wealthless.

 The power of my love for you is at the apex,

No army could confront it,

No storm could shake it.

My vow to stay with you is so strong,

Even the death lord will have to resurrect me from ashes,

As he can’t withstand the power of my love for you.

The power of my love,

The power of my love.

-Shivam Sarda

A poem dedicated to my fictious lover… don’t know who it is.

Unemployment that’s Good

The launches of Zenbo by Asus, or Alphabet’s self driving car or cloth folding robot and upcoming launches of Amazon’s drones or Silk’s smart home device are surely ¬†a signal to impending Robotic era. ¬†The era surely portrays a sombre ¬†future for maids, domestic helps, delivery men, drivers and other kind of human servants but a brighter future and a ray of hope for unemployed and crest-fallen engineers as there are plenty in India.

Today many students drop out of colleges and schools or take their studies lightly hoping that they’ll fetch a hunger satisfying job by working as domestic helps or drivers or peons and the list of such less worthy jobs continues on and on.

But on the other hand many students pursue for engineering as a career.  They study for complete four years after their junior college. The fathers of these students stake their lands, Mothers mortgage their jewelries and both of them take education loans for the sake of making their children well educated and in a hope that as soon as their child completes his engineering he will fetch himself a job at a reputed company with atleast a modest salary .  But the hopes of these parents are crushed when their children are denied jobs of their level at companies. These students who have been studying for years are rendered jobless with no or meagre income of their own. The land staked in by their fathers are auctioned away, the gold mortgaged by their mums is gone forever and the loan taken by their parents keeps on piling up, so due to these happenings the students are coerced to do less worthy jobs of delivery men and drivers which lowers their self esteem.

Both strata of students, the one who didn’t study and the one who did end up doing the same job and in some cases the uneducated ones end up on a higher post ’cause they were doing that job from before the educated ones, so they are senior than the educated ones.

Thus, the educated ones loose their TIME, MONEY and SELF ESTEEM as they have to go for less worthy jobs even after studying for so many years.

Due to the forthcoming Robotic era no doubt the companies will need to hire engineers and the human servants will loose their jobs. This will help to fetch jobs for the one who is more worthy and the jungle rule, “The strongest may survive” will prevail.

So due to this the who may be thinking of leaving their education just due to laziness will be discouraged to do so and will be encouraged to continue with their studies ’cause now they know that they cant survive on petty jobs as there will be none of them remaining as it will be overtaken by robots. So to survive they’ll have to study which will be for their own good as well as for the betterment of the society. ‘Cause the more educated the people in the society are , better the society is.“I wish the robotic era arrives soon”