Lonely it feels,

It does feels so ; LONELY


It feels so lonely ,

When no one resides within you,

And no one resides with you.


It feels so lonely,

When no one thinks with you,

And no one thinks like you


It feels so lonely,

When hours on study are spent by you,

And not on what you are passionate about.


It feels so lonely,

When there are dozens of so called FRIENDS,

And not a single friend.


It feels so lonely,

When everyone knows you,

And no one understands you.


It feels so lonely!

Feels so lonely!

So lonely!



Actually, I am an IIT aspirant, and this is my story of how I feel.

The first paragraph is about how lonely I feel as I am single and live alone in hostel with my family away from me.

The second paragraph: It feels lonely as no one thinks with me or like me. The hostelites with whom a i stay are backward and are not as broad minded as me. A few of them are just geeks and almost all of them have a villager kind of mentality.

Third paragraph: As being an IIT aspirant I have to study subject like Chemistry in which I am not that interested, but I have do that cause I want to become a software engineer which is a field of my interest. I am not so passionate about chemistry but about coding and writing, I can’t do the things I am passionate about due to this IIT stuff.

Fourth Paragraph: I have many people to whom I have to call friends but there are actually very few or can say that I have no actual friends.

The Fifth paragraph:Β Many people around me know me but no one understands me.

This is a short melancholic part of my life. Indian students have to deal with it, and cant run away from it as many cant afford the education cost abroad, Even I wish to study abroad and I think that I’ll get myself an admission in a nice university abroad but I wont be able to study there ’cause the education abroad is very costly. 😦



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